November 1, 2023 • 1-5pm
151 W 30th St, 3rd fl, New York
(Karl Kemp Performance Space Room)

Athletic footwear and run science are changing faster than ever. Stay current with the latest studies and newest breakthroughs by attending this symposium on running injuries and shoe technology.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear what these sports medicine and athletic footwear experts have to say about the latest in reducing impact stress while running, female running and running injuries, advanced shoe tech, and 2024 running shoe trends.

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Mr Scott Tucker – CEO Vimazi, Portland, USA
Mr Trevor Prior -  Podiatric Surgeon, London, UK
Dr Karen Langone – Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, New York, US
Mr Kris Hartner – Retail & Footwear Expert, Chicago, USA
Dr Simon Bartold – Biomechanist and Footwear Expert, Adelaide, AU
Dr Robert Conenello – Sports Medicine Podiatrist, New York, US


1:00 pm     Scott Tucker - Welcome

1:10 pm     Scott Tucker - How Tuning Athletic Footwear By Running Pace Can Reduce Tissue Stress and Affect Performance

1:30 pm     Trevor Prior - Can Running Footwear Influence Lower Limb Function – How Can We Tell?

1:50 pm     Questions

2:00 pm     Karen Langone - The Female Runner: What ARE The Issues?

2:20 pm     Questions

2:30 pm     Kris Hartner - Q&A on the 2024 Retail Running Landscape: What’s The Next Big Thing?

2:50 pm     Questions

3:00 pm     Break

3:15 pm     Simon Bartold, Robert Conenello - Running Shoe Workshop

4:00 pm     Prior, Langone, Hartner, Bartold, Conenello - Round Table: Running Shoes And Injury

4:30 pm     Scott Tucker - Wrap Up

4:40 pm     Nibbles, Networking, and Drinks

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Presentation Details

Mr Scott Tucker – CEO Vimazi
How Tuning Athletic Footwear By Running Pace Can Reduce Tissue Stress and Affect Performance
Vimazi set out to do a better job of reducing impact stress and over-pronation. We discovered how midsoles need to be tuned differently in the rearfoot from the forefoot, according to gait (walking vs running), and according to pace. Learn about the fascinating science behind pace-tuned technology and its practical application.

Mr Trevor Prior – Podiatric Surgeon
Can Running Footwear Influence Lower Limb Function – How Can We Tell?
There are many myths surrounding running footwear and how we asses the effect on lower limb function. The traditional method of assessing the rearfoot position of the shoe has been shown to have no scientific basis, yet this paradigm has not been replaced with an alternative method.

Reviewing previous research, our laboratory data on running shoe ride and the effect of trying to alter lower limb function, combined with the use of inshoe pressure and 3D gait analysis in the clinical environment, this presentation will explore the challenges encountered.

Dr Karen Langone – Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
The Female Runner: What ARE The Issues?
Female runners differ from male athletes in anatomy, biomechanics, hormonal status and nutritional needs. Female runners also demonstrate differences in these areas over the course of their individual lifetimes. These differences can predispose the athlete to injury and do lead to different injury patterns in females. 

This presentation will discuss the evidence based medicine on these factors and the implications in keeping female runners healthy.

Dr Simon Bartold - Biomechanist and Footwear Expert
Robert Conenello - Sports Medicine Podiatrist
Running Shoe Workshop
This hands-on workshop will dive into the latest developments in running footwear, and how to interpret those developments with respect to medical uses. The discussion will include footwear materials, densities, foams, thicknesses, drops, and more.

Prior, Langone, Hartner, Bartold, Conenello
Round Table Discussion
This panel discussion will address the new and current developments in how running shoe tech is affecting injuries and treatment from a clinician's perspective.


Scott Tucker

Founder & CEO, Vimazi
MS Applied Physics

Portland, US

Scott will discuss Vimazi FastPod technology and conceptually why it's better for runners.

Scott pioneered trail running shoes while president of Montrail. He went on to create numerous iconic running shoes for Scott Sports and Pearl Izumi. He's been thinking about running and running shoes since middle school, and he's run all six world marathon majors.

Simon Bartold

Founder, Bartold Clinical
B.S.c Physiology
Adelaide, AU

Simon Bartold will conduct a running shoe workshop during the symposium. Simon is founding partner of the highly acclaimed educational website Bartold Clinical.

Simon leads the Vimazi Medical Advisory Board and is credited with many footwear inventions, including the ASICS IGS and HG10mm technologies, and his innovation and design footprint may be seen in current products from ASICS, Salomon, and XBlades.

Robert Conenello

DPM, Sports Medicine Podiatrist
Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon

New York, US

Dr. Robert Conenello, founder of Orangetown Podiatry and with more than 30 years of clinical experience in biomechanics and sports medicine, emphasizes injury prevention and rehabilitation in his practice.

His mission is to empower the athlete within by treating everyone as an athlete with individual goals. He is Clinical Director of the Special Olympics New Jersey Healthy Athletes division, and past Global Clinical Advisor for Special Olympics International. 

Karen Langone

Sports Medicine Podiatrist
DPM, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
New York, US

Dr. Karen Langone, DPM, will talk about woman and running. Karen has been in practice for more than 30 years. She has served on numerous marathon medical teams, including the NYC and Boston Marathons.

Karen is currently President of the American Assn for Women Podiatrists, Trustee NYS Podiatric Medical Association, and Member of the American Podiatric Medical Association DEI and Public and Population Health Committees. 

Kris Hartner

Owner, Naperville Running
B.A. Biology, Exercise Science
M.S. Biomechanics

Chicago, US

Kris Hartner will be featured in a Q & A around the topic of running retail in 2024. Kris founded Naperville Running in 2000 because he thought more expertise was needed at run retail.

He loves working with customers who want a good pair of shoes - whether for running, walking, or wearing all day long.

Trevor Prior

Podiatric Surgeon
B.S.c Podiatric Medicine / Podiatry
London, UK

Trevor Prior will discuss how running shoes can influence lower limb function. He has been a practicing podiatrist for more than 40 years and is a senior clinical lecturer at Queen Mary University. He's worked extensively with elite athletes from around the world.

Trevor is a director of P2L and Run3D. He is also the UK representative on the Vasyli Think Tank, involved in the development of orthoses and footwear.

2023 NYC Running Shoe Symposium

Wednesday, November 1, 2023
1-5 pm

151 W 30th St, 3rd floor
Midtown Manhattan
New York, NY 10001

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