FREE Personalized Training Plans To Crush Every Goal RunCrush draws from elite training principles, the wisdom of Olympic coaches, and extensive age-group race data to create a custom training plan just for you.

Want To Run Your Best?

The best way to reach a goal is to have a solid plan. RunCrush takes your age, sex, current fitness, and race goal, and creates a training plan just for you. You’ll get daily workouts that include type of run, distance, pace, and pace profile.

You can set a goal from 5k to ultra marathon. You can easily record and save your workouts, and there’s Strava integration if you’d rather record your runs there. Plus, RunCrush has an Apple Watch app, making it simple to keep track of distance, pace, heart rate, and elevation gain. The best part? RunCrush is free.

Frequently asked questions

What training principles does RunCrush rely on?

We believe that proper pacing is fundamental to running your best. That’s why a specific pace is identified for every workout. We’ve instituted the 10% Rule, so your body adapts as the workload increases. That’s the best way to keep injury at bay. We layer on the concept of progressive overload, so sometimes you’ll have multiple tough days in a row. Finally, every plan builds to a peak level of training, which is a predetermined weekly mileage and intensity based on your age, sex, and current fitness.

Can I pull in workouts from Strava?

Yes, it’s easy to bring Strava workouts into your RunCrush training log.

Do you get a plan overview?

Definitely! The training plan page graphs your weekly mileage over time. You can also view your plan by week and day.

Why is RunCrush free?

Vimazi exists to champion the spirit of running for every runner. In addition to RunCrush, we host free virtual races and offer periodic track workouts. Why? We love running and want to make friends with other runners, whether you run in Vimazi pace-tuned shoes or not.