Wait, what's a pace-tuned shoe?

Get ready to change the way you think about running shoes.

Pace-tuned shoes, defined

A pace-tuned running shoe is scientifically engineered for optimal performance within a specified pace zone.

As a runner, you get personalized max cushioning, increased torsional stability, and improved propulsion efficiency at your pace.

The secret is in the midsole. We've adjusted the density of the midsole foam in each model to is responds appropriately to the forces generated at the pace you run.

That said, our FastPod design ensures reduced shock and increased control during push-off than previous gen running shoes.

What do they feel like?

Put them on and you'll immediately feel a super cushioned rearfoot with slightly firmer foam under the forefoot. You can definitely feel the tuning difference between models.

Out on a run, the softer rearfoot optimally dampens impact shock because it's tuned to respond appropriately to that particular force at the pace you run, reducing strain on your body.

You'll then feel, with the added boost of lightweight materials and a rocker design, a smooth transition to a propulsive, ultra efficient, torsionally stable toe-off.

Is this real?

Yes, the tech is patented, based in physics, confirmed by data from an IRB-approved human study, endorsed by our distinguished Medical Advisory Board, and confirmed by common sense. Plus, our pace-tuned shoes have been rigorously road and trail tested since 2019.

From 2018 to 2020, we built a physics-of-running equation, confirmed our predictions with study data, and developed our FastPod tech.

The science is clear. Pace tuning is the only way to get all the personalized cushioning and shock reduction you deserve AND all the push-off stability and propulsion efficiency you want to run your best.

What if I don't know my pace?

Lots of runners don't really know their pace. You just want to run a couple miles a few days a week, and pace doesn't seem that relevant. You don't want to be tethered to your phone, and you definitely don't want to be sucked into the pace mania so many runners fall for. We get you!

If ignoring pace sounds like you—awesome. We recommend the Vimazi Z60 or Vimazi Z70. Either of these shoes works great for casual runners and joggers. The Z70 has a slightly softer midsole and doubles as an excellent walking shoe, but both offer amazing cushioning and excellent forefoot stability.

If you enjoy hiking or trail running or you're looking to maximize outsole traction, try the Vimazi Trail Z3.