"Best Shoes I've ever worn"

Pace is your superpower

Don't hand it over to any old running shoe.

Get Better Cushioning + More energy

In shoes engineered to perform best at the pace you run.

No, one size doesn't fit all

It's time to get a shoe made for the pace you run.

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Matthew Miller's PalmSolo YouTube Channel

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Vimazi Worldwide

Vimazi running shoes are available in Israel, Scandinavia, and Switzerland.

max cushioning – personalized by pace

Pace-tuning gives you better shock absorption.

How we did it

Wait, what's a pace-tuned running shoe?

A pace-tuned shoe is scientifically engineered for optimal performance at your pace. The midsole cushions your specific impact force. The forefoot reacts with max efficiency when you push-off.

What do they feel like?

The heel is well-cushioned. The forefoot is slightly firmer, energizing push-off. The rocker design and responsive forefoot give you a propulsive feel, especially in your pace zone. You'll notice a distinct tuning difference between models.

Pace-tuned trail shoes - coming soon

what Runners are saying

"The best shoes I've ever worn."

Doug Winn
American record holder

"I just ordered my next 2 pairs! Love them so much!"

Bryan Greenberg
Atlanta Area Runner

"Vimazi uses traditional foams but in an extraordinary way."

Emily Walzer
Textile Insight

One of the "Best Road Shoes from TRE 2023."

Cory Smith
Gear Junkie

"A whole new way of thinking."

Brian Metzler
SixMinuteMile Newsletter

"A more personalized shoe."

Running Insight Magazine

"We're impressed with the fit, feel and ride."

Trail Runner Magazine

"Bringing some new to the running shoe game."

Nikki Mueller
Run Oregon Blog

"Taking physics to another level."

Cregg Weinmann
Running Insight

45 seconds on what pace-tuned shoes can do for you

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