So smooth, they rival any road shoes.

Cushioning on roads, control on trails

"Best Shoes I've ever worn"

absorbs more impact shock so your body doesn't have to

With pace-tuned tech from Vimazi.

no stress

Put Technology On Your Feet - Not In Your Ears

don't compromise on comfort and security

Tuned Technology gives you better cushioning, control, and protection.

Vimazi Tuned Technology is your smoothest road to trail experience

Tuned Technology - The scientific balance of forces

Before you can reduce stress on your joints, you have to know what the forces are and how they are distributed under the foot. We figured this out and it completely changed shoe design. In a nutshell, you generate about three times your body weight in force under the forefoot compared to your heel. Even with a heel strike. Sounds counterintuitive? That's because the impact gets absorbed by your body when your heel touches, but the propulsion force is pure muscle output going through your forefoot. Vimazi tech absorbs as much of the impact as possible, so that your body doesn't have to. That's stress reduction! But you can't stop there or you end up with an unstable shoe that trades vertical stress for side-to side stress on your knees and ankles. That's a recipe for injury. Vimazi keeps both of these areas in "tune" so that you get the best of both worlds.

The result is less pounding stress, a smoother step transition, and greater stability and control throughout the stride. Your joints will thank you.

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max cushioning – personalized by pace

Better shock protection means less stress.

How we did it

Medical Advisory Board

Podiatrist Approved - They know the benefits of Tuned Technology.

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what Runners say

"From a science perspective this makes more sense than anything I've seen in the past 20 years."

Simon Bartold
Sports medicine, podiatry, footwear expert

"We're impressed with the fit, feel and ride."

Trail Runner Magazine

One of the "Best Road Shoes from The Running Event 2023."

Cory Smith
Gear Junkie

"Vimazi uses traditional foams but in an extraordinary way."

Emily Walzer
Textile Insight

"A whole new way of thinking."

Brian Metzler
SixMinuteMile Newsletter

"A more personalized shoe."

Running Insight Magazine

"The best shoes I've ever worn."

Doug Winn
American record holder

Vimazi is "taking physics to another level."

Cregg Weinmann
Running Insight

"I just ordered my next 2 pairs! Love them so much!"

Bryan Greenberg
Atlanta Area Runner

Feel better now

Z90 - Tuned for Walking

Do you want to reduce pounding stress?

Then you need shoes tuned to you as a runner and walker.

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