Pace-tuned Team Vimazi

Their enthusiasm for running is contageous

They each run at their own paces and have their own individual goals. But they all share a joy for running and a love for pace-tuned running shoes. Better shock absorption and a lively toe-off bring them together.

Tibebu Proctor

For a year in 2021 Tibs held the University of Washington school record in the 10,000M with a time of 28:31. As a recent alum, he's now looking toward longer races and new challenges.

Favorite Shoe: Vimazi Z30

Why He Loves Them: "They're comfy and lightweight, and I feel like I could run with them all day."

Vimazi Quiver: Z30 - Z40 - Z50

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Bryan Greenberg

Bryan may be the most enthusiastic Maryland booster of all time. Vimazi booster, too! No matter the workout or race, his smile's out and his thumbs are up.

Favorite Shoe: Vimazi Z60

Why He Loves Them: "Light, fast, and fun!"

Vimazi Quiver: Z50 - Z60

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Cynthia Ramos

Cynthia's an inspirational fitness coach who's ready for anything. But it wasn't always like that. Chronic back pain led her to weight training, core workouts, and everyday running.

Favorite Shoe: Vimazi Z60

Why She Loves Them: "They make me want to go running. And the trail shoes look amazing!"

Quiver: Z40 - Z60 - Trail Z2

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Sawyer Magnett

First place overall in the 2023 White River 50M, Sawyer puts in most of her miles on trails in Virginia where she's finishing up her college degree.

Favorite Shoe: Vimazi Trail Z2

Why She Loves Them: "They're pace-tuned!"

Vimazi Quiver: Trail Z2 - Trail Z3

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Tim Lewis

A photographer and ultra runner, Tim is often referred to as the King of McAfee Knob, one of the most photographed spots on the Appalachian Trail, because he’s summited more than 500 times. He's also well on his way to running a marathon in all 50 states (37/50 so far).

Favorite Shoe: Vimazi Trail Z2

Why He Loves Them: "I ran a marathon in the Z50s a day after I bought them, and they were great."

Vimazi Quiver: Z50 - Trail Z2

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René Allison

During the day, René has committed her life to improving the health status of underserved populations. After hours, she loves road racing and marathon training.

Favorite Shoe: Vimazi Z70

Why She Loves Them: "The Z70s are great. I can run in them all day."

Vimazi Quiver: Z60 - Z70

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Doug Winn

Perennial age group winner, Doug was a past US masters champion in the 10,000M. He loves competing in cross-country races near his home in Portland.

Favorite Shoe: Vimazi Z40

Why He Loves Them: "The Z40s are the best running shoes I've ever worn."

Vimazi Quiver: Z30 - Z40 - Z50