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Theses days, the problem is that too many shoes give you a mushy, inefficient push-off. That's why we set out to make better running shoes, ones that provided all the cushioning we wanted and still felt lively underfoot as they propeled us forward. The journey led us to something that's never been done before.


What's a pace-tuned shoe? It's one that's engineered to work in harmony with you and your pace. On a run, you get Goldilocks cushioning and an ultra efficient push-off. Less shock, more energy.

We made running shoes at other brands for 25 years, and we've been running marathons even longer than that. We've taken everything we learned and elevated it to a new level with pace-tuned shoes. We think they're the future of running.

But guess what? You won't wear them if they don't fit properly. We wouldn't wear them either! We spent our careers perfecting innovative fit technologies at other companies, so we understand fit and know how critical it is. Each of our models has been painstakingly designed and built with the perfect fit in mind. They’ve also been extensively road tested over the past 5 years, including at the Boston, London, Portland, and San Antonio Marathons. You're going to like them.



Scott, who's run all six world marathon majors, pioneered trail running shoes while president of Montrail. He also created numerous running shoes for Scott Sports and Pearl Izumi.

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JOHN ZILLY | Founder

John, author of 12 guidebooks, founded both Adventure Press and Milepost59. He’s also run his share of miles, including twice competing in the USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships.

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