No matter how fast you run, trimming time off your pace feels great. You’ll run more efficiently and have just the features you need. Say goodbye to confusion. Say hello to the exact shoe you need to run your best.

We harnessed pace for good

Scott Tucker is always trying to find ways to trim time off his marathons. So it’s not surprising that during a 6am interval workout in 2017, he had a brainstorm—shoes tuned to specific pace zones should respond more efficiently to the forces generated in running than non-tuned shoes. With a team of scientists, Scott conducted a research study that proved the theory.

With solid data and a patent pending on the tech, Scott grabbed his high school running buddy John Zilly, a marathoner himself, and together they formed Vimazi. They’ve been designing, testing, and perfecting pace-tuned running shoes ever since.

Vimazi, which comes from Greek roots meaning “pace zone,” will launch the first-ever pace-tuned shoes in early 2022. Get ready for a revolution.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I know pace-tuned shoes work?

The data from our Forces in Running study clearly shows that when tuned correctly, pace-tuned shoes give you optimized cushioning and maximized propulsion efficiency. Vimazi CEO Scott Tucker published three research papers using our study data. Additionally, we have a patent pending on the technology.

What if I’m between pace zones?

What’s your pace range for the majority of miles you run? Use that range to select your first pair of Vimazi pace-tuned shoes. If you love them, you may want to add a second pair that covers a different pace zone.

Why don’t your shoes come in different widths?

We’re a small startup and don’t have resources for multiple shoe variations. That said, the fit of our shoes is superb. We’ve spent years perfecting the fit of our shoes. The snug heel and wide toe box should feel great for most runners.

What’s taking so long?

For many reasons there’s lots of pressure on shoe factories right now. As a small startup, we’ve gotten pushed to the back of the line a few times. Additionally, covid has fouled up supply chains worldwide, including footwear. Most importantly, however, we’re not going to churn out shoes to make quick sales. We love running and we know you love running, so we’re going to release a shoe when it’s awesome, and not before.