Vimazi Medical Advisory Board

Vimazi is committed to pursuing the truth. As part of that commitment, we have brought together an acclaimed board of leading experts. Their goal is to help broaden and deepen the scientific understanding of impact strain and stability stress on the body while running, specifically with respect to running footwear. The board will evaluate potential injury-prevention solutions, including making design recommendations to future Vimazi models.

The Vimazi medical advisory board, comprised of sports medicine experts, podiatric surgeons, and biomechanists, is on a mission to reduce running injuries. Given their intensive work at clinics, hospitals, and universities around the world, as well as academic writing in books and medical journals, they understand the critical importance footwear plays in staying healthy and injury-free. 


Board Members

Simon Bartold

Founder, Bartold Clinical
B.S.c Physiology
Adelaide, AU

Simon Bartold is founding partner of the highly acclaimed educational website Bartold Clinical. Author of numerous books in the fields of sports injury, biomechanics, and athletic footwear, and with over 40 years experience in the fields of sports medicine, podiatry, biomechanics, and athletic footwear, Simon is a globally recognized expert.

Simon is credited with many footwear inventions, including the ASICS IGS and HG10mm technologies, and his innovation and design footprint may be seen in current products from ASICS, Salomon, and XBlades.

Bartold Clinical

Karen Langone, DPM

Sports Medicine Podiatrist
DPM, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
New York, US

Dr. Karen Langone DPM has been in practice for more than 30 years. She’s a past President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, past Lead Clinical Director for NY State Fit Feet in Special Olympics International, and has served on numerous marathon medical teams, including the NYC and Boston Marathons. Karen was the previous Director of Runners Lab, a multidisciplinary clinic for evaluating athletes.

Karen is currently President of the American Assn for Women Podiatrists, Trustee NYS Podiatric Medical Association, and Member of the American Podiatric Medical Association DEI and Public and Population Health Committees. 

Langone Podiatry

Trevor Prior

Podiatric Surgeon
B.S.c Podiatric Medicine / Podiatry
London, UK

Trevor Prior has been a practicing podiatrist for more than 40 years and is a senior clinical lecturer at Queen Mary University. He has worked extensively with elite athletes in a wide range of disciplines, including football, cricket, athletics, hockey, and badminton.

Trevor is a director of P2L, a company specializing in bespoke performance footwear and Run3D, a company providing advanced 3D gait analysis. He is the UK representative on the Vasyli Think Tank, involved in the development of orthoses and footwear.

Premier Podiatry

Kristopher Hartner

Owner, Naperville Running
B.A. Biology, Exercise Science
M.S. Biomechanics

Chicago, US

Kris Hartner founded Naperville Running in 2000 after concluding that runners deserved a running shoe store with a higher degree of run expertise in its DNA.

Here's the way Kris thinks about Naperville Running: Whether you’ve run a marathon or never run a block, nothing makes us happier than helping our customers find the right shoe for their feet. We enjoy working with any customer looking for a good pair of shoes - whether you’re a runner, a walker, a triathlete, or someone who just needs a comfortable pair of shoes.

Naperville Running

Robert Conenello, DPM

DPM, Sports Medicine Podiatrist 
Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon

New York, US

Dr. Robert Conenello, founder of Orangetown Podiatry and with more than 30 years of clinical experience in biomechanics and sports medicine, emphasizes injury prevention and rehabilitation in his practice. His mission is to empower the athlete within by treating everyone as an athlete with individual goals. He is Clinical Director of the Special Olympics New Jersey Healthy Athletes division, and past Global Clinical Advisor for Special Olympics International. 

Robert is the Past President of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, and an Honorary Surgeon for the New York Police Department. He has lectured at and served on the medical staff of many international athletic events, including the NYC and Boston Marathons. He serves on the faculty of Dominican University and St. Thomas Aquinas College, and has authored numerous articles on sports medicine. 

Orangetown Podiatry