reduced shock, better control

Pace-tuned cushioning hits the trails – Oct 4

"Best Shoes I've ever worn"

This runner loves the amazing fit and pace-tuned cushioning.
October 4

Another reason to love trail running


Ditch the marshmallow midsoles!

If you're not running in a pace-tuned shoe, you're probably wasting energy.

Pace-tuning hits the trails – Oct 4!

Medical Advisory Board

Podiatrist Approved - We're walking the science walk.

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Hear what our distinguished panel has to say about running injuries and the future of running shoes.

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Another Amazing Z40 Review

Mary Murphy at Gear Junkie says thumbs up!

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max cushioning – personalized by pace

Better shock protection means less stress.

How we did it

what Runners say

"From a science perspective this makes more sense than anything I've seen in the past 20 years."

Simon Bartold
Sports medicine, podiatry, footwear expert

"We're impressed with the fit, feel and ride."

Trail Runner Magazine

One of the "Best Road Shoes from The Running Event 2023."

Cory Smith
Gear Junkie

"Vimazi uses traditional foams but in an extraordinary way."

Emily Walzer
Textile Insight

"A whole new way of thinking."

Brian Metzler
SixMinuteMile Newsletter

"A more personalized shoe."

Running Insight Magazine

"The best shoes I've ever worn."

Doug Winn
American record holder

Vimazi is "taking physics to another level."

Cregg Weinmann
Running Insight

"I just ordered my next 2 pairs! Love them so much!"

Bryan Greenberg
Atlanta Area Runner

Do your shoes work in harmony with your pace?

If not, you're missing out on better shock absorption, greater stability, and increased propulsion.

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