Mens Z30
Mens Z30
Mens Z30
Mens Z30
Mens Z30
Mens Z30
Mens Z30
Mens Z30
Mens Z30

Mens Z30

5:30-7:00 min/mi | 3:15-4:10 min/km
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Z30 Beta
The Vimazi Z30 is specifically tuned and designed for elite and sub-elite distance runners. Optimized for agility, speed, and max energy efficiency at pace. When you train or compete in this pace zone, it’s the exact shoe you need to perform your best.


Who It's For
If you run a 10k between 32:30-42:00 or a 2:18-2:55 marathon, the Vimazi Z30 is your shoe. Best for fast tempo runs, intervals and fartleks, racing


Estimated Availability: January 2023


Why they're Awesome

SPEED: Insanely light 1-ply upper, Strategic rubber, Speed platform

EFFICIENCY: A pace-tuned midsole with a forefoot FastPod deliver optimized cushioning and maximized propulsion efficiency for the pace you run

COMFORT: Wide toe box, contoured heel pocket, lively pace-tuned feel

Z30 Design Notes

RUNNER WEIGHT: The Vimazi Z30 is engineered for quick, lightweight runners.

CUSHIONING: At this pace, when your stride's flight distance is the greatest, you generate a lot of force on impact, so we’ve tuned the reaction density of the FastPod midsoles to provide optimized cushioning for the forces you create. Forget about "max" cushioning for some rando runner—get optimal cushioning for the way you're running today.

PROPULSION: It takes a lot of force to push off hard enough to travel 16-25 feet through the air, so the last thing you want is a soft, inefficient midsole. We’ve tuned the forefoot FastPods in the Z30 to deliver maximally efficient energy return given the forces at this pace.

DROP INFO: Runners at this pace are usually lightweight and often forefoot strikers. With this in mind, we built in a 4mm drop into the Z30. It’s ideal for fast, flexible, midfoot, and forefoot runners because it provides the most natural biomechanics while preventing a negative drop angle upon impact.

SOLE DESIGN: Rocker design and fortified arch outsole for ideal propulsion. According to a recent paper on arch compression, forces on the arch are greatest during the push-off phase of your stride (not the impact phase). Most shoe designs carve out the arch area, exaggerating pronation. The Z30 fills the arch area to provide support precisely when you need it most.

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