Hyper - Mens


      If you run this fast, you deserve a pair of these shoes

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      Men's Z30
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      Men's Z20

      Love at first stride

      Vimazi is "coming out of the gate strong."

      Rebecca Ross
      Gear Junkie

      "Wow, you can fly in these things!"

      Tibs Proctor
      Top Collegiate Runner

      "I love your shoe designs."

      Jordin Andrade
      016 & 2021 Olympic Athlete

      "The best shoes I've ever worn."

      Doug Winn
      American Record Holder

      "Great concept. Shoes should always match the purpose of the run."

      Chris Knighton
      Professional Marathon Coach

      "A more personalized shoe."

      Running Insight Magazine

      "Well-made and nicely finished."

      Cregg Weinmann
      Running Insight

      "Love the springing feel"

      Hilary Topper
      Triathlete's Diary