Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2
Women's Trail Z2

Women's Trail Z2

Road to Mountainous
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The Vimazi Trail Z2 is designed and engineered for running from road to trail, with an emphasis on steep and rugged. With an aggressive tread, external rear stabilizer, stump-ready toe protection, and built-in forefoot control during push-off, there is no compromise on cushioning or control. All other brands give you one or the other, not both together.

Tackling steep and rocky terrain? You'll always want to grab the Z2. The firmer FastPod keeps you surefooted on the steepest descents. The impact absorbing heel makes for a smooth transition on flat terrain and roads.

SIZING - True to size
Biomechanically-tuned Z-Foam with Forefoot FastPod
WEIGHT - 255g, 9oz (W7 US)
STACK - 31mm

Why they're Awesome

SPEED: Nimble and light, with an aggressive tread and firmer FastPod creates the extra control on technical terrain.

PROTECTION: A tuned forefoot FastPod delivers protects against stone bruising while the outsole enhances secure footing.

COMFORT: Wide toe box, molded foam heel counters, rocker design, balanced heel-to-forefoot, supportive upper.

Trail Z2 Design Notes

DROP: We built a 5mm drop into the Trail Z2 to reduce the chance of a negative heel angle during impact. 

MIDSOLE DESIGN: Rocker and full-contact outsole smooth the transition and enhance stability. According to our recent paper on arch compression, forces on the arch are greatest during the push-off phase of your stride (not the impact phase). Many shoe designs carve out the arch area, which can collapse and exaggerate pronation. The Trail Z2 keeps the outsole area under the arch filled in to provide support during push-off, precisely when you need it most.

Why you need a biomechanically-tuned Trail Shoe

Whenever you’re out on a trail, you want the best cushioning possible without sacrificing control and protection. That’s the uncompromising benefit you get with the Vimazi Trail Z2. We all generate both impact forces and propulsion forces while running and walking, and when they are not balanced by the shoe, you lose comfort and control. Vimazi Tuning is the first technology to address impact vs propulsion forces.

We carefully studied midsole material and how it responds to running forces. We found that it’s not possible for one midsole foam to respond correctly to all paces. What does this mean? Midsole densities need to be firmer in the forefoot and softer in the heel. How much firmer and how much softer? The secret is the balance between the two and that's the patented technology.

Our research revealed how the propulsion forces in your forefoot and the impact forces in the heel change with cadence, stride length, and strike pattern. There is a heel-to-forefoot balance that is mathematically determined. We discovered that if you tune a shoe for heel striking, you maximize the shock absorption for any strike pattern.

We also discovered how the forces vary proportionally across the forefoot during propulsion. Your big toe is big, because there is more force on it! A firmer forefoot foam (what we call the FastPod) will compress less and give you a more stable and energy efficient platform to push off from.

The Vimazi Trail Z2 FastPod is tuned to ensure you get the most control and stability for steep trails and faster descents. Balancing the heel to forefoot densities means the ride is super smooth on roads and flat terrain.

The result: The Trail Z2 reduces impact shock on hard pavement and then keeps you in control when bombing down even the steepest trails.

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