Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3
Women's Trail Z3

Women's Trail Z3

Road to Trail
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The Vimazi Trail Z3 is designed and engineered for running and walking from road to trail, with the smoothest ride we can deliver while properly protecting and stabilizing the foot and ankle. With an aggressive tread, external rear stabilizer, stump-ready toe protection, and built-in forefoot control during push-off, there is no compromise on cushioning or control. All other brands give you one or the other, not both together.

Looking for the smoothest, most comfortable ride? Go for the Z3. The FastPod stabilizes and protects while maximizing comfort. The impact absorbing heel makes for a smooth transition on flat terrain and roads. Whether hiking or running an ultra, the Z3 tuning delivers foot saving comfort and support better than any other technology.

SIZING - True to size
Biomechanically-tuned Z-Foam with Forefoot FastPod
WEIGHT - 255g, 9oz (W7 US)
STACK - 31mm

Why they're Awesome

SPEED: Nimble and light, with an aggressive tread and stable push-off when it's time to get up and go

EFFICIENCY: A pace-tuned midsole with a forefoot FastPod deliver optimized cushioning and maximized propulsion efficiency for the pace you run when out on the trails

COMFORT: Wide toe box, molded foam heel counters, rocker design, lively pace-tuned feel, breathable upper

Trail Z3 Design Notes

DROP: We built a 5mm drop into the Trail Z3 to reduce the chance of a negative heel angle during impact. 

MIDSOLE DESIGN: Rocker and full-contact outsole smooth the transition and enhance stability. According to our recent paper on arch compression, forces on the arch are greatest during the push-off phase of your stride (not the impact phase). Many shoe designs carve out the arch area, which can collapse and exaggerate pronation. The Trail Z3 keeps the outsole area under the arch filled in to provide support during push-off, precisely when you need it most.

Why you need a pace-tuned Trail Shoe

Whenever you’re out on a trail, you want the best cushioning possible but without sacrificing push-off efficiency. You also want excellent stability on uneven terrain. That’s what you get with the Vimazi Trail Z3. We all generate a wide range of both impact forces and propulsion forces while running. Those forces are intense at 6 minutes per mile, but much less so at 14 minutes per mile, and it’s best to run in a shoe that responds to the forces you’re generating rather than the forces someone else is generating. Common sense! So if you’re averaging 10-15 min/mile out on the trails, the Trail Z3 is your shoe.

At Vimazi, we carefully studied midsole material and how it responds to running forces. We found that it’s not possible for one midsole foam to respond correctly to all paces. What does this mean? Midsole densities need to be adjusted to the speed of the runner. (Kind of a problem for all those running shoe brands that try to sell every shoe to every runner, irrespective of pace.) It’s time to ditch those generic clone shoes.

Our research also showed that the propulsion forces in your forefoot and toe are greater than the impact force you encounter in the midfoot and heel. As a result, running shoes need to be tuned by both pace and between heel and forefoot, at least if you want the best performing shoe. 

By adjusting midsole density in the heel and midfoot to the forces you generate at 10-15 minutes per mile, you get the precise amount of cushioning you need at that pace. Goldilocks cushioning for the trails you run. Pace-tuned cushioning in the Vimazi Trail Z3 ensures the comfort and health benefits that come with reduced shock.

But you’d never want better cushioning to get in the way of a propulsive push-off. To get the energetic push-off you want, the forefoot of your shoe should be tuned differently than the heel. We’ve engineered the forefoot FastPod in the Trail Z3 so that it specifically responds to the propulsion force you generate between 10-15 minutes per mile. Improved stability is the added trail running benefit with a pace-tuned forefoot because when your foot hits the ground, most of the time is spent on the push-off phase.

The result: The Trail Z3 reduces shock while increasing efficiency and stability when running on trails between 10-15 minutes per mile (6:00-9:30 minutes per kilometer).

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