Vimazi pace-tuned shoe models along the Portland, OR waterfront

December 2022 Vimazi Update

THE RUNNING EVENT: December started out at The Running Event (TRE) in Austin, Texas. We ran TRE's annual Indy 5k on the local Formula One track, and talked with hundreds of running shoe retailers from around the country, and some from around the world. Hello Costa Rica, Panama, Germany! The reception was tremendous. Everyone loved trying on a pair of our Vimazi Z50, especially in fresh new Teko Socks

The repeated sentiment we heard from buyers and store owners: “We like to bring in new, cutting edge products like this. Our customers are going to love these shoes!” In the few weeks since TRE, lots of buyers say plan to place orders, and a number already have. When the shoes drop in February, we’ll let you know where you can try a pair on. 


PACE-TUNED TECH IN THE NEWS: A whole bunch of running shoe media types attended TRE as well. From freelance writers to bloggers and vloggers to bigger magazines like Runner’s World and Outside. They were all there. We even took six intrepid journalists out for a run in the Z50. Enthusiastic response is an understatement. Running writers and creators have been intrigued by our technology, something that’s never been done before. Here are a few of the articles that have been written to date:

“2023’s Best New Running Shoes” – Runner’s World

“Five Hot 2023 Running Shoe Trends” – Six Minute Mile

New “Pace-Tuned Running Shoes” – Gear Junkie

“Vimazi Introduces Pace-Tuned Running Shoes” – SGB

“Vimazi Shoes are Engineered to Enhance Performance at Specific Pace Zones” – HypeBeast

"Sneakers Engineered to Perform Best Within Specific Pace Zones" – Kicks On Fire


WEBSITE & VIDEO: We launched our new website this month, and we've been packing it with relevant info. Let us know what you think. And since we hardly ever sleep, we were also able to spend a few days in Oregon recently shooting running videos. Flagship Independent did spectacular, inventive work. We'll be posting the videos soon.

Enjoy the holidays and we'll see you next year. Keep the pace!