Why a trail shoe from Vimazi is better

Why a trail shoe from Vimazi is better

For starters, we have 25 years experience making them

The team at Vimazi, led by CEO Scott Tucker and National Sales Manager Scott McCoubrey, helped make trail running what it is today. We’ve designed and made trail running shoes since 1995. And we’ve been running trails even longer.

We pioneered the trail running shoe category while at Montrail in the 1990s and early 2000s. We first cut our teeth by creating the classic Montrail Vitesse, beloved by all the pro trail runners at the time, including Scott Jurek and many others. By developing and implementing IntegraFit for the Montrail Hardrock, we pushed running shoe fit forward for the entire running shoe industry.

Later both Tucker and McCoubrey joined Scott Sports and perfected rocker designs, which offered a smoother transition and more propulsive feel while running. A design, by the way, that’s since been adopted by many other running shoe brands. After Scott Sports, Tucker moved to Pearl Izumi and went on to invent EMotion for their legendary road and trail running shoes. We know there are a lot of runners out there who still talk about their love for those Pearl Izumi running shoes. They were the definition of smooth.

As of 2023, Scott Tucker and Scott McCoubrey are now creating shoes for Vimazi, including trail shoes. The Vimazi Trail Z2 and Vimazi Trail Z3 launched for the first time in October 2023.

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Time spent on the trails

But we haven’t just made running shoes—we’ve run a lot of miles in them. Tucker and Vimazi CMO John Zilly both ran cross-country collegiately, and of course cross-country is the OG of trail running. (McCoubrey was an alpine ski racer in college.) All three have been running marathons since the 1980s.

Starting in the 1990s, they all deep ended into trail running. Zilly competed at the USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships several times. Meanwhile, McCoubrey has run more ultras than he can remember, including multiple finishes at Western States 100.

Scott McCoubrey also owned and ran the Seattle Running Company for a number of years. They specialized in trail before trail became cool. In that capacity, he was the race organizer for many trail runs and ultras over the years, including race director of the White River 50 for 21 years.

We know about trail running. 

A marathoner’s fit

As mentioned, the way shoes fit it a big part of our expertise. A shoe can have the best tech, but nobody will wear it if it doesn’t feel good. We wouldn’t either! We worked long and hard perfecting innovative fit technologies at other companies, notably Montrail. Plus, we’re life-long marathon runners ourselves, so we understand fit and know how critical it is.

We’ve been fine-tuning the Vimazi design since 2019 in order to deliver an awesome fit and plush comfort. The shoes have been extensively tested on road and trail, including at marathons and ultras around the world. Two pairs of Vimazi Z50s ran the Two Oceans Marathon Ultra in South Africa in spring 2023. A pair of Vimazi Trail Z3s ran this year’s White River 50. Make sure to check out the customer reviews on our website—they’re stellar.

Here’s what we think: Pace-tuned technology plus a great fit add up to the best trail running shoes available.

Trail running at Tiger Mountain

Okay, but what is a pace-tuned running shoe?

Let’s step back for a moment. A pace-tuned running shoe is purposefully built for ideal performance within a pace zone. It’s scientifically engineered to absorb more impact shock and deliver better torsional stability during propulsion because they’re tuned to respond to the forces you create on impact. While they’re made to perform best at a given pace, the patented design offers great cushioning and stability at any pace.

How do they feel?

In each model the rearfoot feels slightly softer than the forefoot. While running, an ultra cushioned landing smoothly transitions to a surprisingly propulsive and stable push-off. It’s a great feeling.

Muddy Trail Z2s

Why do you need a pace-tuned trail running shoe?

Running is hard on your body. Joints and connective tissues have to absorb substantial impact shock every time your foot strikes the ground. Because it’s scientifically tuned to respond to the forces at your pace, a Vimazi midsole is able to absorb more impact than other shoes. It feels better, because it cushions more effectively. In the forefoot, our midsoles are tuned to give you a stable, energetic push-off. No other shoe offers both optimized cushioning along with calibrated forefoot stability.

Out on the trail, you get all the rearfoot cushioning you need plus better impact conformity on varied terrain. The forefoot FastPod and our aggressive outsole provide added stability and great traction on any trail surface.

Two pace-tuned trail models now, one more coming

If you like a firmer ride, the Trail Z2 is designed and engineered for you. The Trail Z2 is built with what feels like slightly stiffer shocks underfoot. You may want that because you are more demanding on trails—you run faster, the terrain is steeper, or both. Or you may just prefer a firmer ride.

With an aggressive tread, external rear stabilizer, and built-in forefoot control during push-off, the Trail Z2 will help you traverse any route. When you run or walk quickly out on the trail, the Trail Z2 delivers optimized cushioning, max efficiency, and better stability than other trail shoes.

Vimazi Trail Z2

This shoe is for avid trail runners and fast hikers. Great for 5-mile runs between 40-60 minutes, as well as 30-mile trail runs in the 4-6 hour range.

The Trail Z3 is designed and engineered for trail running and hiking. If you want to maximize cushioning but keep solid control, then go with the Trail Z3. With an aggressive tread, external rear stabilizer, stump-ready toe protection, and built-in forefoot control during push-off, the Trail Z3 will get you where you want to go. Optimized cushioning, max efficiency, and increased stability for the way you run.

Vimazi Trail Z3

This shoe will work best for trail runners and avid hikers. Great for 5-mile trail runs and fast walks of 50 minutes or more, and incredible on 30-mile epics between 5-10 hours.

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We are currently designing a Trail Z1, tuned for 6-10 minutes per mile. We’re scheduled to be running in production samples by the end of 2023, with a launch date in late 2024.