Vimazi in the news 2023

Vimazi in the news 2023

Runners are loving Vimazi pace-tuned shoes

     “Best shoes I’ve ever worn!”

     “I just ordered my next 2 pairs. Love them so much!”

     “Lightweight & comfortable.”

     “I ran Bloomsday 12K in your shoes yesterday. Incredible!”


We've been full throttle this year. Online orders are shipping, the Vimazi trail running shoes are nearly here, and more retailers are getting onboard. You are strongly encouraged to ask your local running shoe store to carry Vimazi. Check out our list of retailers.

Lots of journalists are interested as well--not just in a new shoe brand but in an entirely different way to think about running shoes. It just so happens that this new way offers runners better impact cushioning and more energy at push off.

Vimazi has also been written about on news sites and blogs. For the true deep dive, here’s a partial list of blogs, news stories, and media links so far in 2023. Keep your laces tied and the outsole side down!


Here are a few of the articles, posts, and videos:

Vimazi Z40 review by Abigail Lock in WeeViews

Will pace-tuned kicks change the way you buy running shoes? from Outside Magazine

Matthew Miller reviews the Vimazi Z60

Forbes article on Vimazi pace-tuned concept and tech by Tim Newcomb.


GearJunkie article by Austin Beck-Doss says the Z40 is "lithe and speedy."

Tom Kuphal reviews the Vimazi Z40 for GEARADICAL.

WeeViews reviews the Vimazi Z50, by Abby Lock.

Cara Griffin rounds up 2023 trail running shoes, including the Vimazi Trail Z3, in SportStyle.

Matthew Miller, aka Palmsolo, reviews the Vimazi Z60 on his YouTube channel.

Carrie Barrett hosts Vimazi founders John Zilly and Scott Tucker on the I Could Never Do That podcast.

EddBud reviews the Vimazi Z40 on his YouTube channel.

The American Trail Running Association reviews the Vimazi Z40 and Z50, by Nancy Hobbs. 

Vimazi Z40 Love Letter

Global Triathlon Network Tech Talk video segment (11:45 mark)

TokTok running coach Raddadbodtv explains Vimazi tech in simple terms

RunWithZig tries out the Vimazi Z60s

Verde video introducing Vimazi pace-tuned concept and shoe line

Vimazi running shoes are now for sale and shipping – Endurance Biz

One article on raising new round of funding and another

Vimazi expands sales reach – Endurance Biz

Tiktok reel from RunWithMe asks "What shoes should I buy?"

TikTok unboxing video from @mediocrerunner3

Run Oregon features some new 2023 shoes to test out

Vimazi pre-orders start – Portland Business Journal

Triathlete Journal evaluates the Vimazi Z50

Verde's Best New Clothing & Gear Blog

Designer Pete D’Agostino describes Vimazi brand work

Here are a few of the articles, posts, and videos:



More About Vimazi

Here’s what Vimazi does
We make pace-tuned running shoes that give runners better cushioning on impact plus more efficiency and stability during push off than previous generations of running shoes.

Vimazi running shoe lineup
As of late 2023, we offer six road running models and two trail running models, all of which come with our patented midsole technology.

Vimazi Z20 (4:30-6 minutes per mile or 2:40-3:30 minutes per kilometer)
Vimazi Z30 (5-7 minutes per mile or 3-4:30 minutes per kilometer)
Vimazi Z40 (6-8 minutes per mile or 3:30-5 minutes per kilometer)
Vimazi Z50 (7-9 minutes per mile or 4:30-6 minutes per kilometer)
Vimazi Z60 (8-10:30 minutes per mile or 5-6:30 minutes per kilometer)
Vimazi Z70 (10-13 minutes per mile or 6:20-8 minutes per kilometer)

Vimazi Z2 (8-12 minutes per mile or 5-7:30 minutes per kilometer)
Vimazi Z3 (10-16 minutes per mile or 6:20-10 minutes per kilometer)

Vimazi Z80 (12-16 minutes per mile or 7:30-10 minutes per kilometer)
Vimazi Z90 (16-30 minutes per mile or 10-18:30 minutes per kilometer)

The physics of pace-tuned shoes
Back in 2017, while running to his 6am interval workout, Vimazi CEO Scott Tucker had an idea. A shoe made for a specific pace, he thought, might offer better cushioning and more propulsive efficiency than a generic shoe that wasn’t “tuned” for a particular pace.

It took three years to completely nail down the physics of human running and understand the precise forces that are generated. We then built an equation that defines running forces. We’re now able to calculate the exact impact force and propulsion force, in Newtons, for any pace, including variations for height, weight, and cadence. (A Newton is a metric unit of force.) Data from the Forces in Running study we conducted aligned with the force calculations we got from our physics equation. In other words, we know it works.

Knowing the exact timing, location, and intensity of impact and propulsion forces at each pace, allowed us to create shoe models for different pace zones that respond to the appropriate forces. This means our pace-tuned technology is based on pure physics. No hand waving, no conjecture, no correlative studies, no self-reported data sets, no marketing fluff. We started with the physics of human running, and it led us to a better running solution: pace-tuned shoes.

The problem with previous gen running shoes
Most running shoes have the same foam density from heel to toe, and they’re sold to runners of every pace. The trouble is that midsole foam can’t respond correctly to the forces at all paces, nor can it respond appropriately to the differences between impact and propulsion forces. To make sure you get all the cushioning you want as well as all the efficiency and torsional stability you deserve, you need a shoe that’s made for your specific pace zone and tuned differently in the heel than the forefoot.

The Vimazi solution
Our solution to this running shoe problem was to create something that's never been done before—pace-tuned running shoes. In 2023, after years of testing, we launched seven road shoe models that span paces from 4:30 minutes per mile to 16 minutes per mile (2:40-10 minutes per kilometer). By making a shoe for a specific pace zone, we’ve been able to deliver better impact cushioning, improved stability, and increased propulsion efficiency for every runner.

25 years experience
We’ve taken everything we learned making running shoes for 25 years—plus running 10Ks, marathons, and ultras for even longer—and elevated it to a whole new level with pace tuning. It offers a better and more personal running experience. We were instrumental in creating shoes and patented footwear innovations for Montrail, Scott Sports, and Pearl Izumi. We learned even more while owning a specialty running store and organizing running events.

We also wrote a book on interval training. Running in Circles: Sciency, Gamey, Head-Scratchy Track Workouts for Faster Running contains lots of slightly wacky but serious interval workouts you’ve never heard of to help you run your best.

A marathoner’s fit
Running shoes can have the best tech, but if they don’t fit well, nobody will wear them. We wouldn’t either! Not only have we spent our careers perfecting innovative fit technologies at other companies, notably at Montrail, we’re also life-long marathon runners ourselves. So we understand fit and know how critical it is, from heel to toe. Each of our models has been painstakingly designed and built with the perfect fit in mind. They’ve also been extensively road tested since 2019, including at the Boston, London, Portland, Missoula, San Antonio, San Francisco, and Two Oceans Marathons. We think you’ll love them.


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