March 2023 Vimazi Highlights

March 2023 Vimazi Highlights

We've been full throttle the past few months. Online orders are finally shipping and more retailers are getting onboard. Yes please, you are encouraged to ask your local running shoe store to carry Vimazi. We'll post a list of retailers soon.

Lots of journalists are interested as well--not just in a new shoe brand but in an entirely different way to think about running shoes. It just so happens that this new way offers runners better impact cushioning and more energy at push off. 😃

Here are a few of the articles, posts, and videos:

Pace-tuned tech and concept article in Forbes by Tim Newcomb

Tom Kuphal reviews the Vimazi Z40

Vimazi Z40 Love Letter

Global Triathlon Network Tech Talk video segment (11:45 mark)

TokTok running coach Raddadbodtv explains Vimazi tech in simple terms

RunWithZig tries out the Vimazi Z60s

Verde video introducing Vimazi pace-tuned concept and shoe line

Vimazi running shoes are now for sale and shipping – Endurance Biz

One article on raising new round of funding and another

Vimazi expands sales reach – Endurance Biz

Tiktok reel from RunWithMe asks "What shoes should I buy?"

TikTok unboxing video from @mediocrerunner3

Run Oregon features some new 2023 shoes to test out

Vimazi pre-orders start – Portland Business Journal

Triathlete Journal evaluates the Vimazi Z50

Verde's Best New Clothing & Gear Blog

Designer Pete D’Agostino describes Vimazi brand work